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Home flipping fans surely know the Montelongos of San Antonio, Texas. Veronica is just one of them and she’s better known as the wife of residential king Armando Montelongo. This 29-year-old woman from Southern California is the vice president and head of sales of the booming real estate firm, the Montelongo House Buyers and together with Armando, gained popularity through the "Flip This House" show on A&E.

Veronica is always preoccupied as a wife, mother to son Armando Sebastian and businesswoman. But despite being busy as a bee, she still manages to keep the balance in her life. As a co-host of Armando in the "Flip This House" show, Veronica helps in designing the group’s remodeling projects. Flip This House originally featured Armando and Veronica as well as David and Melina. However, due to some unavoidable circumstances, David Montelongo and his wife left the show to start a new business. On the brighter side of it, since starting Flip This House, Veronica and Armando has created a Master Course on flipping homes entitled
"Flip and Grow
" in an effort to educate people on the techniques of property flipping. 

Behind the camera, Veronica also manages her husband’s speaking career and gives her full support to Armando who’s now working on a book together with Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the bestselling Chicken Soup For The Soul book series. Armando’s book aims to help and teach people how to reach for their dreams and follow through. Veronica herself is working on her own book.

On the personal side, Veronica admits being a hard worker and feels most rewarded when spending quality time with Armando and their son. She considers their son "a blessing" after going through a near-death condition including post-partum depression after delivering the baby. But with a very supportive husband, Veronica was able to survive and is now very dedicated to her family. Her interests include tae kwon do, running, taking long walks along mountain trails and beaches, preparing meals for her family and friends and watching a movie on a weekend. 

Another aspect of Veronica’s personality worth emulating is her being a lover of nature. In fact, for her first flipping project as vice president of Montelongo House Buyers involved an environment-friendly makeover focusing on the Garden Ridge House. Veronica said she has been influenced by the widespread public awareness campaign to help save the environment. "We can help communities locally by fixing up neighborhoods and the global community by going green," she said. 

In a recent interview, Veronica related that the environment-friendly steps she took in her "going green" house makeover project included the recycling of insulation, the use of energy efficient light bulbs and appliances like the dishwasher. They also made sure that minimal water was used while cleaning the house and an eco-friendly and affordable paint in painting the interior. She also assured that the Montelongo House Buyers is committed to the environment which is why they are replacing standardized items they use in projects with eco-friendly products. 

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