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Trademark Properties is a team to beat when it comes to flipping properties, whether commercial or residential. This Charleston, South Carolina-based real estate company headed by president Richard Davis has a proven track record in terms of buying, renovating and reselling properties for profit. 

The powerful team of Trademark Properties used to do their job on a daily basis without much frills and achieved success in most projects. However, since their actual activities have been captured on camera and shown on TV beginning from "Flip This House" aired over A&E to the current
"The Real Estate Pros (formerly The Real
Deal)" over the TLC cable television network, the team members had become instant celebrities.

Real estate fans as well as regular TV viewers have been all praises for this South Carolina group for their great teamwork, professionalism and mission to help other people aside from just making profits from their home flipping projects. 

It’s true that without the other capable team members, Richard Davis would not be able to attain success in his company’s endeavors. Investing millions of dollars in property flipping is no joke but with sheer dedication and hardwork by the team, they have gained huge profits from most of their projects. 

Richard Davis leads the Trademark Properties team with Ginger Alexander as his right-hand ssociate and investment coordinator, childhood friend Kevin Maloney as head of construction and Dawn Nosal as project coordinator for condos. 

Another valuable team member of Trademark Properties is the real estate broker in the person of Vance Sudano. Apart from being a broker taking charge of selling newly completed houses, Sudano is also an associate of Richard Davis in the residential and project divisions. Sudano is no ordinary sales broker because he is an awardee. This man was, in fact, a recipient of the 2006 "Realtor of Distinction Award" from the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors.

Vance Sudano is a long-time and trusted friend of Davis. And with his contributions to the sales team of Trademark Properties for many years now, Davis indeed got the right man for his company. The Trademark website describes Sudano as the "coolest guy ever" who is living a dream. From this description alone, it can be deduced that this professional man is enjoying every moment of his job. Sudano is now doing what he does best in the real estate field where he truly belongs. Besides being a broker, this Trademark member is also skilled in plumbing and countless other handyman tasks hence it’s no surprise when you see him on TV being hands-on in their flipping projects. 

The work of a real estate broker is never easy. Vance Sudano does more than just looking for buyers and flipping houses. A real estate broker usually acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers of real estate properties. Simply put, he looks for sellers who wish to sell their residential properties and buyers in search of homes. In the U.S., brokers are required to obtain a license from the individual states to receive compensations for their services. To become a broker, several years of experience as a real estate sales agent are also necessary. 

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