Top three ways of doing online real estate marketing

It is evident to every real estate broker that having online resources is essential for the growth of the business. A clear strategy is required to drive traffic to your website, blog, etc. Only then can you stand to benefit from them.  

A great website: The first and most obvious method is to put up a website mentioning all details regarding your services. However, even the most wonderful website design can be rendered ineffective, if certain fundamentals are overlooked while designing the site. Here are three such fundamentals:

  • Selecting an appropriate domain name: What is in a name! Well everything I would say. A domain name is the basis for all internet businesses. Domain names can be generic or location specific so that customers looking for specific areas are directed to your site immediately. Home searches are usually specific to particular locations.
  • Search engine optimization: Most people chance upon your site via a search engine. A high ranking by the search engines gives you a better opening to finding the buyer or seller. The customer is guided to your site because search engines guide them by specific demand of price range, locality etc. The keywords on your website must be in line with the property listings of your company. The site can be divided into different pages, focusing on different components of your business like mansions, condos, plots etc.  
  • Pay per click: This is a form of online advertising. A number of real estate websites use pay per click options such as Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, etc. These programs give pointers for testing your website, though they charge you per click.  
  • Virals and video marketing: The latest to hit the internet are virals.  

    • 1.You can create videos about your listings and give virtual tours of the houses on offer. A good viral can weave a story and keep the customer interested.
    • 2.Also posting videos on sites such as YouTube can advertise your property listings. All these videos can carry links to your website

    Blogging, writing reviews and press releases:  

    • 1.Blogging is the best method for confirming that you are well versed in your area of expertise. Search engines also rank blogs very high and will give a better position for your website in comparison with inactive sites.
    • 2.Writing reviews also ascertains your reliability in the community. It gives the readers information about the neighborhood. Reviews can also include events in the community and new funding options. Your reviews and blogs must carry links to your website, which assures recurring visits to your site.  

    Final word is that “content is king”. The writing style has to be effortless and unrestrained without overt use of keywords. If your website does not provide the customer with relevant information, you can be assured that you have lost a business opportunity. Making your website unique and connecting with potential buyers will ensure successful transactions.  

    You may use either one or a combination of all these resources mentioned above. But more importantly, it is how you use them that determines success or failure!  

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