Top Cities Where Real Estate Prices Can Go Up in the Next Five Years

Anyone who would like to take a dip in the real estate market would be interested to know which are those places and sites where the real money in going to ring in. Taking a recent survey into consideration, here are some top cities of America that are slated to show great rise in real estate markets.  

The Best Real Estate Markets
Earlier Las Vegas was touted to be the best real estate market yet with time overbuilding and risky loans have led to the fall in the home price index in the place. However, over time the best five housing markets have been declared to be New York, Washington D.C., Charlotte N.C., Portland Ore., and San Diego.

The Emerging Investments
Using the ‘emerging real estate marketing investing’ where you buy in a market that is about to appreciate and hold it until you get good value for your property is the best way to make profits. There are some easy steps to using this method of investing for huge profits by choosing some of the top cities that are anticipated to grow well in the coming years with respect of real estate prices. We can list them down as:

  • 1.Identify the proper market for emerging market real estate investment. This is done using the real estate timing method. Choose a service that can help you to analyze real estate markets and find out which ones are going up and which ones are going down.
  • 2.Pick up the cities that fall in the ‘good’ criteria section like solid population growth, strong employment traits or even a desirable location. It could be even factors like new industry in the area or newly found resort location that could perk the chances of a rise in these cities.
  • 3.After proper identification has been made and segregated, the next step is to where exactly in this ‘good’ city would you like to buy your real estate investment. It is quite easy to locate the more desirable locations in any city by communicating with the locals.
  • 4.Next step is making a choice between the more desirable locations and the less desirable ones. It is obvious that the more desirable ones will cost more and vice versa. However when the market starts to pick up you can only see a good rise in such more desirable locations and that will make you investment worth all the effort.
  • 5.Buy before the market takes off! This is perhaps the most important step here and you should be able to buy at a very good discount so that you can mint gold when the prices eventually rise.

Top 10 Cities that can go up in Next 5 Years
The list is not final but these are estimated to be the best cities to appreciate in the years to come:

  • 1.Panama City, Florida
  • 2.Vero Beach, Florida
  • 3.Bridgeport, CT
  • 4.Lakeland, Florida
  • 5.McAllen, Texas
  • 6.San Luis Obispo, California
  • 7.Wilmington, NC
  • 8.Manchester, NH
  • 9.Fort Collins, CO
  • 10.Atlanta, GA

What such a study will help you to do is to make your investments safe. In the current sliding markets, it would be always wise to use such safeguards while making any more investments.  

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