Thomas Kish Ultimate Real Estate Investor’s Guide

Thomas Kish is the expert in credit matters and owner of the Cash Flow Experts Biz. He is dedicated to teaching the right ways of obtaining large credit lines and using them wisely to fund real estate transactions. Like other real estate gurus, this man has come up with a course aimed at teaching people how to avoid using their personal funds for investments. 

Thomas is among the well known keynote speakers at various seminars dealing on real estate and financial matters. He claims to have bought and sold more than eight million dollars of real estate properties after using unsecured business lines of credit. He also believes that only real estate investment has led to more people becoming millionaires and billionaires in just a short time.

In his course titled "The Ultimate Real Estate Investor’s Guide," Thomas Kish shares his techniques on how to secure more than $200,000 of credit. He wants people interested in real estate to follow the methods he applied in getting credit and using it to earn huge sums of money. His target audience includes people with a registered business and even those who are not entrepreneurs. Apart from real estate investing, Kish assures that his clients can use their funds in other worthwhile endeavors such as starting a new business, advertising and marketing, stock market investing and creating an internet business, among others. 

The four-step system that Kish developed will help people in following a step-by-step guide notably in filling out the required paperwork to ensure that an applicant qualifies for the highest possible credit line. He also teaches you the ways to avoid common mistakes that lead to small credit lines.

The guide comes with a set of five CDs, a manual and a new workbook. Additionally, it includes a complete list of national lenders mostly banks, partnership documents from forms to scripts that are easy to use, pre-printed real estate forms and access to live and recorded telephone training calls. 

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