The Real Estate Pros Lead by Richard Davis on TLC

You’ve seen these guys first on
"Flip This House," the most popular television show on property flipping aired over A&E, before they vanished for quite some time. They came back on your TV screen once again April 2007 on
"The Real Deal" this time over The Learning Channel or TLC. And then just more than a month into the show, the team changed its program’s title again to "The Real Pros."

You guessed it right, it’s Team Trademark Properties headed by Richard C. Davis. The team may have changed channels and show titles, but the projects they do and their missions remain the same. The Trademark guys continue to show their viewers the real world of flipping properties whether residential or commercial. They purchase properties in the Carolinas, do some remodeling before reselling them at a higher price.

But why the name change? According to a report, the title "The Real Deal" did not really inform viewers what to expect from the show the reason why producers thought of a new title "The Real Estates Pros." But regardless of the title, this popular show still airs once a week, every Saturday at 9 p.m. Many fans of the Trademark team have been confused about the title because no formal announcement was made on the name change. Recent discussions on internet forums centered on the viewers’ confusion because, according to them, while TLC was showing promos for "The Real Deal," the channel was already referring to it as "The Real Estate Pros." Some have even speculated that copyright issues with other "Real Deal" shows might have prompted the name change. 

But amid the hullabaloo over this change of the show’s title, much of the concept remains intact. Compared to "The Real Deal," the new name actually fits the cast perfectly. Richard Davis and his team are indeed well-known pros in the real estate industry. And besides, if they’re not authorities in their field, they would not have gained so many fans from various parts of the U.S. 

Who can ever edge out Davis when it comes to his expertise in flipping
? This guy is a real pro who commands respect from people he meets and deals with. And what fans like about Davis is the fact that he can be serious and funny at the same time while doing their projects. Also, his show keeps getting better providing more details about the procedures involved in property flipping which many viewers find educational. The information they give somehow inspires people who might be interested to start a career in the same field. 

As for the other members of Team Trademark, they are all the same. Richard Davis’ lovely right hand and investment coordinator Ginger Alexander never fails to do her best in every project whether it gets her dirty or not. She may be a woman but she has the brains and can do a man’s job, too. She and Davis have established a unique rapport to the point of being mistaken as a real couple. John Davis, the commercial team leader and Lori Nolan, the project work coordinator, complete the team. Both also contribute greatly to the success of the team’s projects. 

One important thing worthy of admiration about the team is their professionalism. The guys are not just concerned about the profits they make but they put their hearts into their projects as well. They really don’t mind spending extra money once in a while if it will benefit a lot of people especially in the Charleston community in South Carolina. 

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