Richard C. Davis, New Home Flipping Show

The Real Deal (Now Called The Real Estate Pros)

People in the real estate business and those interested to get into real estate, notably home flipping, have something new to watch on TV today. It’s because TLC (The Learning Channel) has just launched "The Real Deal" show featuring the powerful team from Trademark Properties headed by founder Richard C. Davis. Every week, this fast-paced show reveals the reality of earning money through real estate. Richard Davis, along with his investment coordinator Ginger Alexander, leads the team to find, renovate and gain profits from their very challenging projects covering various types of real estate from the residential to commercial ones.

"The Real Deal," which premiered last April 21, is another venue for real estate people to learn about the ways to earn money from buying a home, getting the renovating works done right and fast. The show provides more information on house flipping and the real estate industry in general. Host Richard Davis and his Team Trademark ventures into exciting and difficult projects like flipping houses that long been on the market or even a condominium, building, a community project or restaurant. What makes the show unique is that it combines entertainment and information which draws more viewers from even the ordinary couch potatoes.  
Just one month into  "The Real Deal" , the show’s name changed to
"The Real Estate Pros."

Davis is also in the process of writing a new book which he offered
at  his "Come Get Inspired" motivational speech on July 27th at the Gaillard Audtiorium in Charleston, South Carolina. 
Richard’s book will be released to the public sometime later this

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Trademark Properties

Richard Davis is the president, CEO and founder of South Carolina-based Trademark Properties which specializes in home flipping. He became very popular in the U.S. for creating the TV show "Flip This House" which focuses on buying, remodeling and selling houses for profits. Flip This House featured Davis and his team during the show’s first season on A&E. However, due to compensation problems, Davis withdrew from the show, sued A&E and created his new TV show "The Real Deal."

As expected, the first episode of The Real Deal entitled "The House That Wouldn’t Sell" got rave reviews from viewers who were able to watch the show. Many Davis fans are so relieved that the Trademark team is back on air and this early the new show is fast becoming a favorite. The initial episode featured the relocation of the Shoeless Joe house and also helped renovate the life of Josh Hamilton, a baseball player. 

Apart from Richard and Ginger, the Trademark Team is also made up of Kevin Maloney (construction foreman), Dawn Nosal (project coordinator), John Davis (commercial team leader), Lori Nolan (residential team leader) and Vance Sudano (real estate broker).

Upcoming episodes

Home flipping fans and real estate investors are up for more exciting and inspiring flipping projects to be featured on
The Real Estate Pros.  We’ve got bits of information on the upcoming episodes so be ready to watch them from start to finish. 

The second episode to be aired on April 28 is entitled "Stepping Up" featuring a three bedroom house bought at auction in Greenville, South Carolina. You won’t be seeing Richard in this episode so Ginger is in charge of the project. 

For the month of May, watch out for "Flip It Good" (May 5), "A War Hero’s Welcome Home" (May 12), "Back To School" (May 19) and "Buy George!" (May 26). Get ready to watch the "Flip It Good" episode as Trademark Properties take on a $40 million deal to turn 300 apartments into "Mac Daddy Condos" for sale complete with modern appliances. 

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