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If there’s one TV personality in the U.S. who has gained a celebrity status owing to his show, it has to be Richard C. Davis of the "The Real Deal." He is a star in his own right as he not only has the looks but the brains to boot. Davis became famous for creating and hosting the "Flip This House" show on flipping properties aired over A&E since 2005. The show had more than two million viewers each week and was the recipient of more than 60,000 email messages from people interested in home flipping. Unfortunately, due to some problems on compensation, Davis and his team had to leave the show. But thankfully, fans who greatly missed his absence on TV are rejoicing now that Davis is back with a new show "The Real Deal" this time on TLC. 

Being the founder, CEO and Director of Acquisitions of Trademark Properties based in Charleston, South Carolina, home flipping is what Davis does best on and off camera. TV viewers adore him for being a smart and charming host as well as a real team leader of Trademark Properties. The reality show has an honest and straightforward format without any pretentions. "We don’t hold anything back.we show what it takes to be successful in the real estate business," Davis himself said. 

Davis’ specialization in home flipping can be traced back to his interest in real estate since his college days. For those who may be unaware, Richard Davis actually completed a degree in Bachelor of Science in Financial Management with focus on real estate from the Clemson University in 1986. After college, he wasted no time and immediately began work assessing real estate fulltime for the county of Charleston. His aim was to further improve his valuation skills which he achieved with great success. Davis is now a veteran in the real estate field with 22 years of experience in flipping different kinds of properties.

On the more personal side of his life, Richard Davis is an average guy when not busy with work. He’s a lover of sports, music and iPods. "I’m big into sports," said Davis who actually works as a basketball and baseball coach at the recreation center or middle school and an assistant coach at the high school in his hometown. In fact, his great love for sports has led his company, Trademark Properties, to sponsor many youth sports teams and a yearly summer basketball camp in Charleston. Sports has also inspired him to promote a team approach to his projects with a "work hard, play hard" motto. 

Other than sports, Davis likes to download music to his iPod which he prefers over the Walkman. His preference for the iPod is mainly due to the very slim and small size of the device which can be easily kept in your pocket without anybody knowing you have one. 

A married man, Richard Davis is also a proud and dedicated father of three boys. His three kids were, in fact, featured on the TLC special "Homerun for Trademark" which showed how Davis is very involved with his children, one of whom inspired the project. 

With a personality this great, there is no question why Richard Davis continues to shine in the limelight and inspire many of his fans. He is not only a businessman but a man with a pure heart. 

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