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Melina is the better half of David Montelongo, brother of residential king and TV host Armando of the Montelongo House Buyers of San Antonio, Texas. Melina is an achiever in her own right just like Veronica Montelongo, Armando’s wife. Both used to work together in the "Flip This House" show over A&E where Melina showed her energetic personality and shared her big ideas in their home flipping projects. Unfortunately, Melina and David had to quit the show and move on to establishing a new business of their own, the Montelongo Developments, situated in the same office complex and Armando and Veronica.

Melina is being admired for always coming up with wonderful ideas and taking action to fulfill them. In fact, she and David now own three businesses including an online radio station. Apart from the Montelongo Developments, they have partnered with Private Web Communities Inc. to come up with the Texas Internet Data Center, Inc. with Melina Montelongo as the president. The mission of this business is to operate an internet data center and website development company. It currently owns several websites like the,, and 

Another important project being focused on by Melina Montelongo is the TRIBE (The Real Estate Investors Boot Camp Education) Workshop. Together with husband David and partner Edison Dane, the workshop’s vision is to create the strongest network of real estate investors in the world. Through this project, Melina and David share their knowledge on how they gained success in the field of real estate through the years. Real estate investor and marketing executive Edison Dane is actually the brains behind this workshop. But because his vision is quite big, he sought the assistance of Melina and David who have more than seven years of experience and accomplishments in real estate. 

Despite attaining so much success in her life, Melina keeps her feet grounded and is aware of her priorities. She does not believe in being obsessive about success believing that it will only result in one’s downfall. She admits, though, to keeping her passion and never giving up.

Melina is also a strong advocate of women’s causes and gives her full support to women helping other women. In a speech at a seminar on helping women build their self-esteem and confidence, Melina said "women are amazing nurtures of life so to help anyone who really wants to get over obstacles in their life is a pleasure."

Melina encourages people, notably women, to overcome life’s trials and look for a mentor or role model. She herself looks up to Oprah Winfrey and Anthony Robbins. Everything happens for a reason, she said. She recommends reading Lynn Grabhorn’s book "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Astonishing Power of Feelings." 

When not busy with real estate projects and her other businesses, Melina attends to her husband David and two kids, Eden and Zion, whom she says are her first priority. She said her ultimate goal is to keep her family intact, maintain a healthy marital relationship and have the time to enjoy it all. Her dedication as a mother has actually led her to put up an online radio station called "" 

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