Ginger Alexander – Flip This House and The Real Deal

For the thousands of fans of a new home flipping television show, she is the investment coordinator of Trademark Properties led by president and CEO Richard C. Davis. She is the reliable partner of Davis on the TV screen who always does everything to get the job done. From
"Flip This House" of A & E to
"The Real Deal" of TLC, this woman has been Richard’s most trusted right-hand associate who takes charge of searching for homes to flip.

She is none other than Ginger
. Born Virginia Alexander, Ginger provides the spice to the Trademark Properties team. She has worked for Richard Davis’ group for seven years already and has been promoted as an investment coordinator managing all investments from research to purchase, to renovation, sale and closing. Being a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Financial Management with focus on real estate, Ginger fits her job well.

For her hard work in the show — from being a good coordinator, trying to crawl through houses with her high heels, low cut outfits and dog Jack — Ginger is really a cowboy. In fact, she has been called the "Termite Queen" by the crew. She has a developed a good rapport with Richard that many of their fans are thinking they look great together. But apart from the main host of the show, Ginger has earned rave reviews herself. There’s this one episode where she took charge of a project while Richard was away and finished the job within budget. Many viewers were impressed at how she and Dan, a new builder assigned to assist her, managed to figure out what repairs were needed, stay within the budget and get the job done. 

Ginger is more than just a pretty face in "The Real Deal" show. Having worked for seven years for Trademark Properties, she certainly knows the ropes of the trade at this time. When asked about their home flipping projects, Ginger can surely answer in a straightforward manner without batting an eyelash. She explains that they normally deal with private investors for most of their properties which involve cash. In addition, Trademark Properties has 30 in-house residential agents who regularly work on all of the company’s listings resulting in only a small property inventory. 

As to the subject of remodeling homes and what makes them decide to upgrade to a moderate-income housing, Ginger said it largely depends on the current trends of products in the market. What usually drives their upgrade decisions is what people really want in a house basing on their sales experience. There’s no constant thing as new products are also introduced to the market from time to time. 

On their television show, Ginger revealed Team Trademark normally works from two to 20 renovation projects at one time. She added that for some of the properties they acquire that need only very little work, they also do rehabs of these at any given time. 

Finally, Ginger is also kind enough to share part of the secrets of Trademark’s sales strategy for flipping homes. She said that they are focused on purchasing undervalued residential properties and then restoring the value or repositioning them. What they do, she revealed, is not just buy properties that anybody can acquire with the help of a real estate agent. Repositioning the property is their foremost concern. 

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