Flip This House – Season 4


A&E has announced the Flip This House fourth season. The show will premiere Saturday, March 15 at 11PM ET/PT.

You will see some returning third season cast members. Flip This House will continue to follow Armando Montelong and his wife Veronica in San Antonio, TX. Armando has built his family business into a major real estate investment firm in just 5 years. It has been said that he has flipped 200 homes in one year.

Former NFL player Than
, will also be returning in New Haven, CT. Merrill decided to tackle the world of flipping after graduating from Yale University and playing for the NFL. He works along side his childhood friend, Paul Esajian, and together they created CT Homes.  
Right hand man Jeremy Black, a former Abercrombie & Fitch model will also be returning.

The Fourth season of Flip This House will follow a real-estate team in Atlanta, GA, but it won’t be Angie and Harris Wilford, the husband and wife team from season three. Instead, Flip This House will follow Peter Pasternack, the CPA and founder of Foundations Investment Group, from Atlanta.

Flip This House’s fourth season will also add a fourth market to the show: Los Angeles. The Los Angeles episodes will follow Rudy Martinez and his team at Piedmont Financial, including project manager Carlos Vazquez and architect/designer Mary O’Grady. 

Flip This House is produced for A&E by Departure Films. Tune into season Four, Saturday, March 15 at 11PM ET/PT.

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