Dawn Nosal, Trademark Properties, A Strong Saleswoman To Reckon With

Trademark Properties is a powerful team when it comes to flipping properties from residential to commercial units. The team is second to none because of its proven track record and professionalism in this popular trend in the real estate business. Team leader Richard Davis and Ginger Alexander won’t be able to successfully complete Trademark’s flipping projects without the aid of the other capable members.

Trademark Properties president and CEO Richard
C. Davis
is the brains behind the successful Flip This House television show about the ins and outs of property flipping. The team was featured in the successful show since 2004 until Trademark withdrew from the program in 2006. After a falling out with cable network A&E where Flip This House is shown, Richard and his team created "The Real Deal" which went on air in April 2007. The Real Deal, however, was renamed recently to "The Real
," a title which rightly fits the people behind who are real professionals in the growing real estate trend of property flipping. 

Now, it’s about time that the other pros of Charleston-based Trademark Properties be given the limelight. First in the list is 36-year-old Dawn Nosal, project work coordinator for Trademark Properties Real Estate Services. This women is not to be outdone because she has vast experience in site supervision and manages big projects with great success.

Dawn is a native of Charleston and an employee of Trademark for more than 10 years now. Her job keeps her in close contact with real estate developers particularly concerning sales and marketing. She also plans steps on how Trademark can best gain the highest market share. Being in charge of all sales teams, her business philosophy is "kill ’em with kindness."

Fans of the Trademark team admire Dawn for being a strong willed person and a professional who gets their projects done as if without too much effort. Other viewers praise Dawn for being powerful despite being a woman. 

Richard Davis has revealed that Dawn was previously his assistant. But with the proper training he gave her, this project work coordinator eventually went up the ladder and now handles the sales of condominiums. Richard was indeed right in putting Dawn in charge of condos because Trademark has achieved some of its goals concerning condo development in Charleston, South Carolina. 

An example was shown on one episode of The Real
Estate Pros
entitled "The Peninsula" on James Island. At the start, 10 condos were in the list of potential development projects. The condos involved were not only small units but big and lovely condos. And surprisingly, eight of the 10 condo units were sold thanks to Dawn’s dedication and hard work. Sure, her responsibilities are heavy but this woman is strong and can rise up to the challenge of her job. You may not see her often in front of the camera but Dawn is one important member of the sales force who largely contributes to the revenues of Trademark Properties. 

When not busy with work, Dawn likes playing softball and spends time as a sponsor and strong supporter for the March of Dimes. She is happily married with one daughter named Brie. 

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