Richard Davis: Where Is He Now After Flip This House?

After Flip This House

Since the phenomenal success of the TV show "Flip This House," many home flipping shows have come out on the television screen trying to educate viewers on how to purchase residential properties, renovate them and resell for a huge profit. Undoubtedly, it’s Richard C. Davis and his Trademark Properties team who started it all. Davis is the original creator of such type of a program while all the other flippers who gained popularity through their TV shows were only second to him.

Richard Davis has gone a long way since Flip This House. Had it not been for the dispute that occurred between him and A&E television network, he and his team would still be in the show. But then again, with parting sometimes comes a new window of opportunity and for a professional like Davis, opportunities are aplenty. And so, his leaving Flip This House did not mean the end of his TV career.

The Learning Channel or TLC welcomed Richard Davis and his home flipping show which initially had the title
"The Real Deal." A few months later, the show was renamed
"The Real Estate Pros," considered a more appropriate description of the cast. Of course, Davis is still backed up by his loyal team from his own real estate company, Trademark Properties, including his right hand and investment coordinator Ginger Alexander. Loyal Davis fans were just so excited to see the group back on TV after several months of absence. 

Richard Davis juggles his time between managing his Trademark Properties firm based in Charleston, South Carolina where he is president and doing projects with his team for "The Real Estate Pros." He doesn’t show any signs of slowing down for both jobs and he continues to gain a lot of following not only from people in the real estate field but from other sectors as well.

As head of Trademark, Davis is truly hands on with his firm’s work and not just someone who sits and orders his people on what to do. He revealed that the flipping projects they do that are shown on TV don’t entail minor tasks at all because a lot of legwork goes with each project. For instance, each month they research some 2,500 properties with only one ending up as a good investment. Davis advises people looking for second homes to always think about the investment aspect.

Another important endeavor being targeted by Trademark Properties and which keeps Davis very occupied is the putting up of their several offices across the U.S. in a bid to establish the biggest network of real estate brokers and agents. This effort was started sometime middle of 2007 and is still ongoing. 

So, everything’s coming up roses for this man known as the residential king. This energetic and intelligent real estate professional has full of bright ideas that are not only meant to enable him and his company earn huge profits but to help the communities they get involved with in each flipping project as well. Stay tuned for more of his achievements in the real estate industry. 

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