Richard Davis vs. Armando Montelongo – Flip This House

Flip This House

When A & E’s very successful real estate television show
“Flip This House” lost its original and well-loved cast led by
Richard Davis
, many TV and home flipping fans went berserk. Losing the
Trademark Properties team led by Davis and Ginger
was the worst thing that could happen to this highly popular
TV program. It is mainly because Richard Davis has made flipping houses so
professional that he has earned the respect and admiration of many

By now, surely fans of the home flipping show know that the Montelongos headed
by Armando and his wife have taken over “Flip This House.” It’s a great
advantage that Armando of the Montelongo House
and his team are also into home flipping with a long history of
success to beat. In fact, Armando Montelongo
has earned the title as “flipping machine” due to the record-breaking projects
he has done since he ventured into the real estate business in 2001. And
together with Richard Davis of Trademark Properties, they
have been tagged as “residential kings.”

In comparing the two hosts, however, most home flipping fans agree that
Montelongo lags far behind from Davis. And since replacing the Davis and his
Trademark team, Armando Montelongo has been deluged with numerous criticisms
and complaints especially on various online forums concerning his personality
and his treatment of people in his television show. For instance, there’s this
one site that criticized him over his behavior towards his wife and
sister-in-law who is also a co-host of Flip This House during one episode.
Armando apparently made the two women wear beekeeper outfits and exterminate a
colony of bees to be able to save $300 on a professional beekeeper. And while
the two wives were spraying and already choking, Armando was just watching the
scene and drinking beer along with his brother and co-host. 

Montelongo also gets very poor ratings for not treating his workers well. He
especially got lots of negative comment for the way he treated his contractors
while negotiating for a lower price and then badmouthing them. Meanwhile,
Armando and his crew got a big blow for one episode they did in March 2007. The
team was an embarrassment for doing their construction work without permits and
getting caught during the show. Another disappointment was when they used poor
Hispanic people for their construction projects and small Hispanic children for
demolition projects. The TV audience, of course, is outraged because of these
violations to labor and child welfare laws. 
Flip This House fans strongly agree that Richard Davis and his team were
genuine, honest and hardworking people unlike the new cast whom they consider
as unprofessional and less entertaining. They believe that the Trademark team
members were more humane and more like everyday people that TV viewers can
relate to while the new show is a big liability to A & E.  With all
these negative comments being thrown at the Montelongos, it’s not to say that
they’re totally ridiculous. Perhaps, what they show on TV is just their own
style and they have the freedom to do that unless specified in their contract
with A & E. Okay, so they can’t equal the Trademark Team of Richard Davis
but let’s just leave it at that. Nobody’s perfect, anyway. 

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