David Montelongo Starts New Business After Flip This House

New Business After Flip This House

Fans of real estate
reality TV shows have been wondering what keeps David Montelongo busy these
days after leaving “Flip This House.” He may no longer be in the limelight but
one thing is sure, David continues to do what he loves doing and that is
keeping his hands full with real estate projects. Being a member of the
Montelongo family who’s well known in the Texas real estate business, David
will never run out of things to do.

David Montelongo is now preoccupied with his new business that involves
commercial real estate properties. This brother of
Armando Montelongo
has put up Montelongo Developments LLC together with
BAR-W Real Estate Investors of San Antonio, Texas. The two firms are now
renovating and repositioning an office building at 8026 Vantage Drive located
at the northwest section of the city under the so-called Vantage Point

The building covers
an area of 30,000 square feet for the two floors with Montelongo Developments
handling the construction aspect and BAR-W financing the purchase and
rehabilitation of the structure. Some $300,000 is expected to be spent for the
cosmetic repair of the building that includes repainting the exterior and
interior, new carpeting and upgrading of the elevator, conference room and
restrooms. David Montelongo revealed he is also considering adding several
covered parking areas for tenants. Hopefully, when the project is done, the
building’s occupancy will go up from its current rate of less than 70

The 8026 Vantage Drive building was actually bought by Armando and David
Montelongo together. Some of their fans say despite David’s exit from “Flip
This House
“, the brothers are still working together with David just
doing his part for a new company. David and his wife
, who was also co-host of the TV show, have not fully revealed
what prompted their decision to stay out of the limelight and if Armando and
David have gone their separate ways. Both, however, share the same mission of
sharing their success with the greater real estate community. 

Montelongo admits this is his first time to venture into flipping commercial
real estate properties which, he says, can give them bigger profits. And being
the residential king that he is, David won’t have much difficulty accomplishing
the project’s goals. A co-founder of the family-owned
Montelongo House Buyers
, David has had many years of experience in
purchasing, renovating and reselling homes in San Antonio. He became successful
in his early 20’s as a construction manager and he still has a long way to go
in the real estate business. Apart from the Vantage Point project, David is
also now involved in the real estate investors’ workshop known as the
T.R.I.B.E. Workshop which he co-founded. The workshop shares success tips with
real estate agents. 

The Montelongos continue to reap rewards for their endeavors in Texas.
For ten straight years, the Montelongo projects have been recipients of the
Summit Awards given by the Greater San Antonio Builders Association. In 2006
alone, they got three awards for the Best Remodeled Residential Project in
various budget categories and another three for best color magazine ad, best
direct mail piece and best website. 

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