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It is a reality that the trend in flipping homes continues to grow across America. With a great potential for earning huge money, home flipping is attracting more and more people ranging from those involved in real estate to the average employee who just wish to earn extra income on the side. Popular television shows such as "Flip That House" and "Flip This House," an increasing number of people are keen on learning the home flipping strategy. If you are one of these people who want advice and tips from the experts to succeed in this new real estate investment trend, you can learn a lot from various books, guides and free ebooks.


The first edition of "Flipping Houses For Dummies" by Ralph R. Roberts and Joe Kraynak is a newly published book. It gives flippers a complete guide from buying the property, renovating it and selling it. The book will teach you how to find properties worth flipping, estimate your profits, secure financing, attract buyers, work with contractors and agents and avoid legal problems like cash back at closing schemes. You will also get strategies for negotiating transactions, marketing your home and avoiding common mistakes. The book also includes ten renovation cost-cutting strategies, common housing blunders and a cheat sheet. Check out the author’s website www.aboutralph.com.

"Find It, Fix It, Flip It!: Make Millions in Real Estate – One House at a Time" is Michael Corbett’s paperback book on flipping houses. You can buy this at only $10.20 from Amazon or you can buy it along with "Flip: How to Find, Fix and Sell Houses for Profit" by Rick Villani, Clay Davis and Gary Keller at only $24.38. 


If you’re a frequent internet user, you will find a free house flipping guide ebook from Joy to the Home Realty (www.joytothehomerealty.com) written by Jeanette Fisher. The ebook is entitled "The Truth about Making Money Flipping Houses" and includes free teleseminars and real estate investing books. Just register to subscribe to its newsletter and you’ll get instant download of the ebook.

"Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars" is another book on home flipping authored by Jeanette Fisher. In the book, readers will learn how to find, finance, fix and sell homes for big bucks in just a short time. Check out www.doghousetodollhouse.com and read more about the author and her investing strategies as well as other information on real estate investing. 

"Realistic Flipping: A Beginner’s Guide to Renovating Homes for Profit" is another ebook worth reading. It will provide you with tools to succeed at renovating and flipping homes. Priced at $89.99, the ebook which has 29 chapters guarantees buyers with a year of free consultation with the book’s authors through the private forums. Visit www.realisticflipping.com to know more about this.

You can add "The Unofficial Guide to Flipping Properties" to your list of resources. The book authored by Peter A. Richmond guides investors on locating properties, financing their purchases, determining which improvements to undertake, negotiating with contractors and subcontractors and selling for maximum profit. It covers the basics of flipping real estate properties and is great for beginners in this popular investment technique. 

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