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Fans of A&E’s reality television show "Flip This House" should be familiar with the star of the show Armando Montelongo. Known as the flipping machine, Montelongo is a classic example of a rags-to-riches man who provides inspiration to many people. Through hard work, positive thinking and pure dedication, he became the biggest residential real estate investor in the U.S. in less than five years flipping homes ranging from 25 to 30 every month. He and his wife Veronica can be seen on TV each week purchasing homes, remodeling them and selling them for a profit. 

Family history

Want to know how Armando Montelongo became successful in his endeavor? The truth is, he actually started from scratch. It was in 2001 when he decided to take action after being unemployed and just living in with his in-law’s garage in Southern California. He loaned $1,000 to bring his wife and son back to his home town of San Antonio in Texas. And so they drove there and were lucky to get two months of free rent. To buy their food, they sold their furniture. It was during those hard times that Armando searched for a way to earn money and he found real estate to be the perfect business for him as money, credit and experience were not needed. 

Today, Armando has his own company, Montelongo House Buyers, that is involved in buying at least 25 houses every month to renovate and resell for profit. In a year, his real estate investment firm flips about 200 houses in a signel year. 

San Antonio is more than just real estate for the Montelongos. It’s been their home and a place where they’ve built their family’s business. Armando’s father began a lumber store in 1975 which was later turned into the Montelongo Homes and Remodeling business in 1993 with Rick (Armando’s brother) as president. Another brother, David Montelongo, also became a successful construction manager while only in his early 20s.

Flip This House

Armando Montelongo shares his success with all types of people through his "Flip This House" TV show on A&E which is now on its third season. With 1.8 million viewers to boast of, the show continues to feature various projects that are flipped for profits, the challenges and conflicts involved and other aspects of real estate investment in San Antonio, Texas. It also features Armando’s brother David
and his wife Melina Montelongo. 

Show producer Liz Tracy revealed they chose San Antonio being one of the fastest-growing real estate markets in the entire United States. Fortune Magazine has selected San Antonio as America’s best real estate market and predicted a nine percent appreciation for 2007. Apart from its successful real estate industry, San Antonio is also a unique place because of its history and culture, added Tracy. 

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