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Armando Montelongo’s rags-to-riches life is worthy to be told over and over again. The residential king himself shares with the world his tough climb to the success ladder of the real estate world through his personal website and his reality TV show on A&E "Flip This House." His experiences were very challenging but there were many hard lessons learned along the way.

But now that he’s on top, Armando Montelongo makes sure to share all the things he’s learned in the field of real estate and teach people interested in this industry how to attain success just like how he did it. The good news is that apart from his website, real estate fans can learn the art and skill of flipping real estate properties at their own pace in the comfort of their home through Montelongo’s e-books and home study course.

Montelongo has released five e-books entitled "Flip It Now" as well as a master home study course that comes with 12 CDs, and five workbooks. Check them out at Armando’s website, specifically at the products category or at

The "Flip It Now" e-books will teach users the techniques in flipping your first property from start to finish, the areas where great deals to flip can be found, the sources of your finances even with no money or credit to back you up, repairing your flipped house, creating big cash reserves through property flipping, flipping in any kind of housing market and inspiring yourself to go on with this endeavor. Montelongo will also shares tips on how to build a money mindset and analyze any deal.

Several fans have given Montelongo a high rating for his real estate strategies. Gerald J. Woods is proud of his booming real estate business after following Armando’s program. In a period of 11 months, he was able to flip 10 properties. Meanwhile, 72-year-old Bob Ward claimed that by using Armando’s system, he was able to buy three properties and profited $45,000 and still has four more deals underway with a projected profit of $750,000. Now, he feels more secure than ever and enjoying his retirement years. For her part, Meredith Keller takes pride in earning nearly one million dollars just by following Armando’s system in investing in real estate properties. Coach Deb and JP are also all thumbs up for Montelongo’s right system and strategy, which they say, have inspired them to pursue their "lifelong retirement-fund passion" in real estate investing. Being in this field has enabled them to retire young in Oahu, Hawaii and still be financially secured.

With Armando Montelongo’s noteworthy achievements, who would not want to try investing in real estate? Imagine being able to flip 30 or even much more homes each year and gain huge profits from those projects. But thankfully, success has not gone into his mind because Armando, as what he promised his wife Veronica, continues to share his success with people around the world. He encourages people, whether they be ordinary citizens or employed in big companies, to create the lifestyle they deserve by investing in real estate property. Leading the life you desire means having financial freedom and spending more valuable time with the family. And that’s just what Armando Montelongo is doing right now. 


Armando Montelongo will personally teach you:
How to flip real estate – even if don’t have money!
How to flip without using your credit! In Flipping, Credit doesn’t matter!
How to find great deals month after month!
How to estimate repairs on properties and handle contractors – even if you have zero construction experience!
He started with no money and bad credit and so can you!

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