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Alan Cowgill is known for his expertise in acquiring real estate investment loans for use in home flipping. His knowledge and skills on this field had led him to establish his own real estate business where he makes his fortune. 

Believing in his skills and experience, Alan has developed several home study courses for real estate investors. He teaches them the truth that looking for financial resources for real estate transactions do not necessarily involve going to banks, applying for loans, accomplishing down payments or waiting for days or weeks to get an approval. What Alan Cowgill presents instead is the potential in private money loans which he discovered quite later.

In his courses, Alan shares the wrong moves he took and wants to help investors avoid those mistakes. He urges people aspiring to get into real estate to discover the benefits of obtaining private money loans and the right ways to attain this. 

Alan Cowgill did not achieve success in an instant during his initial years in real estate investment. He went through hard times before that but persevered and did his best to find a solution to financial woes. 

This man quit his job in the corporate world in 1995 after 17 years of hard work. At that time, he was divorced, had financial difficulties and staying in a small apartment. He then thought of searching for real estate investment loans to support his transactions and grow his home flipping business. But without a regular source of income, he failed to get the approval of banks. Additionally, his business had a monthly negative cash flow of $10,000. 

What Alan did then was to talk to investors and sought their assistance in obtaining real estate investment loans to fund his deals. At this time, he found out that they were actually easy to get. In no time, he had more than enough capital from private money loans and he was able to continue his home flipping projects earning from $15,000 to $20,000 in each deal. 

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